Contact DOL

Contact Department Of Licensing (DOL)

You will need to contact the Department of Licensing within ten days after you were arrested for driving under the influence in Seattle. Failing to do that will lead to the automatic suspension of your driver’s license and it will happen in 30 days after you were arrested. You will have the possibility to protect your license and you only need to initiate the administrative DOL hearing to do that. The Department of Licensing will consequently allow you to deliver your evidence and attempt to get your license back.

The APS (Administrative Per Se) hearing in the DOL is very much similar to the trial by jury, seeing how you will be able to present your evidence and cross examine the officer that performed the arrest. The case will be presided by the hearing officer, who is going to act as both the judge and the jury. Hence, the hearing officer is going to present the department’s case that will generally include the arresting officer’s report and statement along with any kind of blood test results or breath test results that were taken on the scene or in the station or medical facility. Afterwards, the officer that arrested you will allow you to present any available evidence on your behalf. At times, it would be quite beneficial for you to subpoena the officer. The hearing is recorded, so the officer will be put under penalty of perjury. Hence, the testimony of the officer at the Department of Licensing hearing will later be used in trial or even during the pre-trial motion.

Seeing how Seattle DUI arrest does not involve only the criminal court appearances, you will want to find a lawyer who is entirely dedicated to the DUI practice. Our Seattle DUI defense attorneys are very experienced in their approach to the DUI cases. We are not managing any other types of criminal cases and are therefore 100% dedicated to people, who were arrested for driving under the influence. We will be able to help you fight both the criminal case and the DOL hearing.

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