License Suspension

License Suspension in Washington State

You will have to get in touch with the Department of Licensing within 10 days after you were arrested in Seattle for driving under the influence (DUI). If you were arrested for DUI, this action is going to be mandatory. You will only have 10 days after you were taken into custody to get in touch with the DOL in order to put a pause on the automatic suspension of your driving privileges. Furthermore, this action will be 100% independent from anything that is going to happen in the criminal court. Should you fail to get in touch with the DOL within 10 days after you were arrested, the Department of Motor Vehicles is going to suspend the license thirty days from when you were arrested.

After you were arrested for driving under the influence in Seattle, the agency that arrested you is going to confiscate the driver’s license and will instead provide you with a temporary one. This pink temporary license will be valid for 30 more days and it will also include the notice of your right to a hearing on the matter of automatic suspension of your driving privileges. This pink temporary papers are also known as the DS367 and will provide you with all the info you are going to need in order to contact DOL branch. Furthermore, you will need to remember that the hearing itself will not take place there – the Administrative Per Se Hearing and all the administrative licensing hearings to begin with are taking place at specific driver’s safety branch locations. This place where the hearing will take place is going to be based off of the area in Seattle that you were taken into custody.

Hence, it is obvious that it is in your best interest to initiate the administrative DOL hearing right after you were arrested for driving under the influence, even if there are no reasons to believe that there can be any problems in the case. The DOL hearings are quite different from the ones that take place in court and can be won on simple technicalities, including the fact that the officer did not fill out all the necessary paperwork properly. However, only a skillful as well as genuinely experience DUI lawyer in Seattle will have the expertise to help you find the most successful way to get the best results possible. Were you arrested and charged with DUI in Seattle? Please call us at (855) 858-0853 or fill out online contact form.