DUI Defense

DUI Defense In Seattle, WA

When it comes to the most aggressively prosecuted misdemeanors in the States, DUI or Driving Under the Influence is among the most common ones indeed. The Criminal Justice System is constantly being fueled by millions of dollars that are meant to fund the everlasting war on DUI. In addition, over the last few decades, the legal penalties for driving under the influence escalated from mere warnings and all the way to detrimental consequences.

Despite the fact that DUI is actually a crime, it does not necessarily mean that all the offenders here are your stereotypical criminals. In truth, most of these individuals are good and law abiding citizens who never had to deal with the law enforcement in the past and never imagined being sentenced to jail to begin with. Most of the modern DUI offenders are business owners, ordinary housewives and even bankers.

A harmless get together with your family members and friends could really result in a genuine nightmare. A good meal that was followed by a few wine glasses may easily turn into a distressful investigation that will be conducted on the side of the road – you will then be handcuffed and transported to the local police station, your blood or breath samples will be collected and then you will have to spend an entire night behind the bars. Furthermore, The Washington State Troopers , King County Sheriff’s Department in addition to all sorts of municipal police agencies are making DUI arrests in hundreds every month and the justice system is just not designed to take into consideration the fact that you never committed any crimes in the past.

Among the most common DUI penalties for driving under the influence are probation, having to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars in fines, having to attend mandatory DUI classes, having to attend the mandatory “Impact” meetings, largely increase costs of insurance in addition to revocation or suspension of one’s driving privileges. Furthermore, under certain circumstances, there is always a chance that you are going to be sentenced to county jail or even state prison.

Moreover, King County is one of the 4 counties in Washington that are taking part into a special pilot program, which was created to determine how effective the ignition interlock device actually is. Hence, nowadays, in case that you are convicted for driving under the influence in the County, even if it is your first time offense, the judge will order you to install the ignition interlock device in any vehicle that you are operating. Of course, having to blow into the breath device every time you start your car is bad news for any real estate agent or car sales person in general. This is why you need a solid DUI defense strategy to approach your charges the right way.

If an individual is arrested for driving under the influence in King County, there are two completely separate problems that will need to be taken care of. You have the criminal portion of the case that will be handled by the Supreme Court, yet there is also a completely different administrative as well as licensing problem that will need to be dealt with through the DOL – Department of Licensing. The fact that these two entities are not affect one another is all the more frustrating. Hence, even one’s case will be dismissed or reduced in the Criminal Court, it will not affect how the administrative DOL hearing will go in any way. Hence, it is obviously a good example of “Double Jeopardy”, since the citizens are clearly punished two times for a single crime.

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